Just Desserts 2009

Varietal: La Crescent, Traminette, Frontenac Gris
Type: Dry finishing dessert wine
Vineyard: Harwood Estate Vineyards (South West and North Block)
Region: Hillier, Prince Edward County, Ontario

La Crescent

Bred at the University of Minnesota in 1988, La Crescent is a cross between St Pepin and ES 6-8-25 both from Elmer Sewnson’s breeding program.


Bred at the University of Illinois in 1965 by H.C. Barrett and later sent to Cornell University, Traminette is a cross between Joannes Seyves 23.416 and Gewurztraminer.

Frontenac Gris

Finally Frontenac Gris is a genetic mutation of Frontenac, much like Pinot Gris is to Pinot Noir. Frontenac was bred at the University of Minnesota by crossing a French hybrid, Landot 4511 and Vitis riparia #89 found wild near Jordan Minnesoata.

Alcohol: 13.6 % alc./vol.
Reducing Sugar: 145.8 g/L
Sulphites: Contains sulphites
Wine Life: Until 2017
Bottled: January 2012
Awards: Gold Medallion All Canadian Wine Championships 2011; Bronze Medallion Intervin 2010
Lauren Horlock, John Rode and Richard Karlo
Price: $25.00

Serving Recommendations:

Best served chilled. Will only get better with age (up to 5 years), but is absolutely ready to drink now. This wine can also be opened and remain in your fridge for up to two weeks before going stale.

Michael Pinkus: "This sweet dessert wine delivers with sweet raspberry, cherry and cranberry on both nose and pallet with great balancing acidity on the finish."

Tasting Notes:

A truly astounding flavour that we simply cannot describe; not thick and sticky like ice wine, our Just Desserts finishes dry. This dessert wine is a combination of three different grapes, so it has a very complex smell and taste with hints of strawberry, kiwi, topical fruits and apricot.

Recommendations for Other Harwood Wines:

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Pairing Suggestions:

Our Just Desserts pairs nicely with desserts, fruit, chocolate, truffles, Copper Kettle Just Dessert Shots or on its own; serve with dessert, as dessert or on dessert.

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