Marquesa 2010

Varietal: Marquette
Pronunciation: mahr-key-suh
Type: Marquesa-styled, fortified dessert wine
Vineyard: Harwood Estate Vineyards (South West Block)
Region: Hillier, Prince Edward County, Ontario


Developed at the University of Minnesota in 1989, Marquette is a cross between MN 1094 and Ravat 262 (a French hybrid with Pinot Noir as its parent).

Alcohol: 18.0 % alc./vol.
Reducing Sugar: 91.9 g/L
Sulphites: Contains sulphites
Length of Time in Oak: 2 Months
Type of Oak: Hungarian
Wine Life: Until 2022
Bottled: January 2012
Winemakers: Lauren Horlock and John Rode
Price: $29.00

Serving Recommendations:

Marquesa is a slow sipper and served well at room temperature. Can be cellared for 5 to 10 years and will get better with age. This wine can also be opened and remain in your fridge for up to two weeks before it become stale.

David O'Conner: "Wonderful Port style wine...a warm mouthful of black cherry and spiced honey...a touch of heat at the end...a perfect after-dinner beverage beside a cozy fire."

Tasting Notes:

Marquesa and fine Port are very similar in taste, but Marquesa is made from a single grape varietal called Marquette, which has become the all-star vine for northern vineyards. We limit the oak time to the bare minimum which pleases many people. The flavour and mouth feel are big and bold.

Recommendations for Other Harwood Wines:

Harwood's 2009 Just Desserts, served with dessert, would make an excellent follow-up to the Marquesa.

  Pairing Suggestions:

Marquesa pairs nicely with strong cheeses, desserts or on its own.

Try some of our family recipes:
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Try these cheeses with Harwood’s Marquesa:
• Cheddar
• Roquefort
• Stilton
• Parmigiano (Parmesan)

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